Monday, May 18, 2009

Just A Reminder...This Blog Moved...

Just a reminder, the blog has moved to a self-hosted site. You can use either:


Please update your links, Google Reader, etc. cause we kinda miss YOU!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Identify Serge Roche Mirror?

I bought this mirror at auction tonight and I think it's a Serge Roche mirror. If it is...then I'm going on a nice vacation. If it's not, no worries, I do like it a lot. I've been googling like crazy but haven't found any kind of Serge Roche expert/collector type website. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I don't want to take the back apart (yet) to look for marks. It's huge - about 30 wide by 35 high.

I bought a bunch of things at the auction...will try and post them tomorrow. Super tired from hauling stuff in and out of the car...and it's 1:31AM.

Posted AUCTION pics N stuff on the NEW Wordpress blog...OVER HERE...

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm playing with Wordpress and very seriously considering moving the whole shebang over there. I'm still getting to know the software so there's lots of errors. I was able to import 500+ posts (man do I have a lot of carp to say...).

Here's the link to the Wordpress version: CLICK.

and the straight url:

I will eventually get all my links over there and the other flotsam. I'm hoping to actually CLEAN UP my tags & categories...something I didn't understand when I started the blog last year and then ignored for the rest of the year. Anyone want to help categorize 500+ posts of randomness? Yeah, I didn't think so. Thanks for nuttin! I kid. I kid.

I've also gotta do a logo n stuff...and update all the Blog Catalog, Technorati, Site Meter junk. Fun!


I sent the Fiance a list of things I wanted us to accomplish this weekend including;

1. a trip to Sears to buy an orbital sander, japanese saw
2. plant our seeds for tomatoes and other veggies
3. finishing sanding the round table that the Fiance thinks is important to me...but that I had put out with the trash
4. priming and painting that round table
5. sanding the top of one of the art deco nightstands - I still have to buy a small piece of replacement veneer for it. I now know it's ribbon stripe mahogney thanks to Joe at Veneer Supplies. I'd order the sheet from him but they seem to sell in much larger quantity levels than I need. Still, good to know he's there!
6. clean up the winter litter (why do kids LOVE to throw those barrel shaped juice drinks on our lawn?!?!?) and remove the dead veggie stalks from last summer
7. check out the sod situation at Home Depot and possibly find a "sod dude" while in Home Depot to transport it and put it down
8. check out the pea gravel prices. I love pea gravel!!
9. construct board/fencing for the new/bigger garden area.

And do you know what that man said?!?!!?


He said "ok". I tell you, I was breathless.

Course...then I got an email about a black velvet chesterfield couch out on Long Island. I don't need/want the couch - though it is beautiful...but I made the mistake of looking at all the other items that are going up for auction on Saturday night and Sunday.

Wonder if I can talk him into an auction on Saturday night...hah! I shall press my luck...cause that's what I do.

Oh other RanDUMB news...I had (lots of) drinks & nibbley bits with these girls last night. For a group of nice girls, we rang up a $291 bill. Oops. Also, the cilantro in my office is doing quite well.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Couldn't I Just Hire My Niece To Draw A Picture Of Me?

I need a headshot for an upcoming side project that is in fact kinda related to home improvement. I haven't had time to take any pictures what with fumbling in the dark in Vermont, sitting on trains, working, throwing back cocktails, meeting with the slipcover lady, etc. You see the schedule is just full-full-full. I even double booked tonight. The Fiance bought tickets to see Chicago on Broadway and I told the girls at work that tonight would be a grand night to go out and tie one on. Oops. The Fiance has a friend in town this week so the friend'll get dragged to the show and I'm going to go drink beer and eat frito pies with the co-workers. So anyway, this morning the Fiance set up the camera and a backdrop and took over 100 pictures. THEY ALL SUCK. Apparently I said to him "please take the pictures really close up so that everyone can be sure to see the slack in my skin, the double chin, the gaps in my teeth and the crows feet that are scratching their way across my eyes. Didn't he realize that I need the Cybill Shepherd treatment where it's all gauzy and diffused looking? I mean if he loved me, really loved me he could have scraped 40 pounds off these pics, right? Ugh. Sadly, these are the best. Which means I will be taking pictures of myself tonight...half in the bag after a night out with the girls...

I know how to laugh. I laugh a lot. I look TERRIBLE when I smile or laugh in pictures. My lips get all contorted and my teeth look weird. But I don't want to not smile - cause then I just looked pissed off. Grrrr.

From Rechelle: I think the picture in the middle row on the left looks cute, a tad hostile, but cute.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Made An Offer On A New House!!

I've been dreaming about this place for years. It's just 2-3 miles down the road from the Fiance's parents' country house so we can pop over all the time. Nothing like a nice afternoon with the inlaws - am I right? We could play cricket on the lawn and sip minty ice-tea.

Seriously though, this place makes my heart ache. I want it. I want to restore it. I'm told it's BEYOND restoration. The Fiance's Mom actually looked into it. Man, those heating bills would kill ya! Who am I kidding, I can't afford squat in that town.

Pics from Abandoned But Not Forgotten.

The History of the School/Resort.

Interior Pictures That Will Make You Cry.

Not sure what the asking price is but it sounds like it's well into the 7-figures...sigh...

I Got Me Mad Skillz!

Now that I'm all wood-shoppy...I need a place that I can actually do stuff. The foyer isn't looking like the best wood shop and the proximity to the litter box is, well, ick.

What's my first project? Other than finishing the veneer on the art deco nightstands and finishing sanding/painting the table the Fiance thinks I love...constructing my Dorothy Draper coffee table. Yep. The nice men that run Dragonette in LA have pics on their site (a mere $6800) with dimensions. Not sure on the thickness...I might have to give them a call and throw myself on their mercy (they are very sweet) to measure it.

Then you know...when I'm all done with that...I can tackle this Paul Frankl table. IN MY DREAMS. Don't you just want to lick that table? What? It's just me? Umm, nevermind...

So where am I going to do this? Not sure. There's a place/space in Brooklyn called 3r dWard that you can get day passes to ($50 a day) after you take a course ($80) with them. Tempting, but we're Queens/Upstate folk. We don't do Brooklyn. Still...the space looks really nice. It's mostly for artists, sculptors, designers, etc.

Dang. I need to find some Grandfatherly type to adopt me in the hood.

In other news, there's a nice woman over here drawing pictures of my chairs to make slipcovers...yeehaa!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Yestermorrow aka "Tool Camp" Experience...

I’ve rewritten this post several times. It gets softer each time. I can’t begin to tell you the fury and anger that my first draft (written on Saturday night) had.

It’s now Sunday evening. It’s MUCH better. I have been up here since late Friday night. I’m at the point now where I have a mostly warm-fuzzy feeling about this place --- but I had to fight to find things out. Information wasn’t exactly doled out, which is ironic given the sheer number of signs posted everywhere.

The orientation was handled by someone who started out by saying "I don't work here". Excuse me? She thought the place was "neat and cool". Well, when I was 19 or 20 or 21 (she was young) I thought anything that was away from my parents was "neat and cool" too but I'm 37 now. The biggest piece of information handed out at the orientation was that some bathrooms are coed. I don’t know/understand the culture so the ‘unwritten rules’ are puzzling. If I’m hungry, can I get something from the cabinets? If I don’t like the food they serve, what do I do? I’m not comfortable saying “a baked wheat tortilla with corn, rice and tomato sounds gross”. I was really uncomfortable outside of the classroom.

Will I come here again? Yes.

What’s my issue? Like I said, information wasn’t exactly provided on a lot of things. Presumably they are trying to foster a creative environment, but I’d like to KNOW where the light switches are before I have to walk down a PITCH BLACK hallway or stairwell. What’s the lighting rule? Everyone kept turning the lights off and plunging us into darkness. Had to walk down stairs in the dark – a lot. Constant fumbling wears you down. I have a considerable amount of hearing loss, I’m supposed to wear a hearing aide. I don’t. I’m vain. I was left in the dark for more than hour. When you have a hearing impairment and you’re in pitch black darkness – you become Helen Keller and it’s TERRIFYING.

I’d like to have known that towels and sheets would be provided (I called twice) the person I spoke to wasn’t sure so I lugged them up with me from New York. I’d like to have known a bit more about the food they serve. The breakfast/lunches were very good but the dinners made me want to run screaming. Saturday night was a wheat tortilla with rice, corn and chunks of tomato – baked. For dessert it was a maple muffin/brownie thing with chunks of corn in it. Sorry, that’s not dinner to me – that’s a stomach explosion in the making. My roommate said that the dinners are usually very good, she thought the regular kitchen person must have been on vacation or something. I blew $20 on a cab ride to a grocery store so that I could buy bread, cheese, yogurt, soup and a frozen pizza (and I’m not a big fan of frozen pizza). I wish someone had told me to bring a flashlight. That my cellphone/blackberry wouldn’t work up here and at night…I’d be (truly) isolated. Isolation isn’t something I’m used to. When you don’t know the lay of land and all your communication tools are in the crapper and you don’t know anyone, you’re isolated. Turn off the lights and add a hearing impairment and it’s your worst nightmare.

Let me tell you the good stuff. The class was awesome. At the end of the day that’s the single most important aspect – it’s just that with a bit more information/nightlights this place would be over-the-top incredible. With more information upfront I could have planned better and felt more at ease. If this place had made me feel more at ease, you wouldn’t be able to get me to leave. Back to the classes, the instructors; Patti & Jan were so welcoming. Their warmth and excitement kept the class motivated even when we were intimidated by the machinery. They fostered an incredible environment – in THAT shop with them. Today I feel comfortable enough to use 4 of the 5 saws. I used a chop saw, band saw, drill press, table saw, jigsaw, japanese saw and a bunch of other tools. The table saw is still a bit scary – but I’m sure in time it’ll be fine. I know I can now tackle some projects that I’ve desperately wanted to do – confidently. I now know that I'm an orbital sander kind of girl, the square sander is off to the charity place asap. Frankly, if it weren’t for Patti & Jan, I would have been in a cab on the way to a car rental place and on the road home Saturday evening. As some of you who got SOS messages from me can attest, this place gave me a meltdown on Saturday. How many places can you go where you learn a skill and at the end of the weekend you get a hug? Not many I assume. I can’t thank Patti & Jan enough.

So what caused the meltdown – lots of little things and then one big thing…

Unbeknownst to me, there was an “Earth Hour” event on Saturday. I honestly missed this in the news and had no idea. I was sitting in the kitchenette when someone ran by and bellowed “Earth Hour!!!” Huh? What? I had just returned from my cab-dash to the grocery store. I was sitting down to eat, I was starving. It was a few minutes later while sitting in a chair in the lobby that the place went PITCH BLACK. A man working in the office turned the last lights off and walked out the front door (another student turned the lights off in the rest of the facility prior to him). I was stunned. I couldn’t believe it. I was so shocked that I didn’t even call out. I sat there for at least 2 minutes thinking “Did he just leave me in the dark!?!” over and over. I was in complete darkness with strangers - who were presumably somewhere in the facility. But where? I couldn’t hear them – I couldn’t see them. There were stairs and sharp machines and other obstacles. I was NOT a happy girl. I sat there for more than an hour STRANDED in the darkness wondering if there was some den of sin thing happening and trying to remember everything I had learned in self-defense classes. Scared. I went from Crying to Anger pretty fast. The urge to run through the place turning on EVERY light and cursing like a sailor and up-ending every compost bin became a fixation to amuse myself. If you’re going to take Control away and play off of all my Fears and Vulnerabilities all you’ll get is Madness. I finally found my way to another chair near where I knew there were computers. I turned on the monitor and used that as my “light” for a half hour or so. I couldn’t find any light switches on the walls and I had already tripped over an office chair and the island/brochure shelf that’s in the middle of the lobby. I landed on the same knee that I had spent 6 months going through physical therapy for (car accident). Joy. It was then that I pretty much knew an axe murderer was on his way. How could he not be? Cripes. It was THE perfect situation. Later, the lights were turned on again and my axe murderer delusion moved on to some other town. At this point, I was LIVID. Their idealistic assumption that everyone is sweet & innocent isn’t necessarily mine - and I felt as though it were being forced on me. I didn't feel safe. Control was taken away from me. I had put myself in this situation willingly. I felt like a fool.

In talking with my roommate who has been taking classes here on and off for a year, she let me know that she freaked out her first time too and had lots of questions with no real answers. With no understanding of where things are and so little information, it breaks YOU down. At one point I thought for sure it was a cult or a commune. I know it’s NOT, but still, so many elements were disconcerting for someone who was ALONE here. The hallways are dark – pitch dark. Finding YOUR door and then finding the slot for your key requires skill. Your imagination runs wild – and not in a fun way…more in a Stephen King way. He lives in Maine, this is Vermont. Close enough for me.

So the folks who run Yestermorrow know about my blog. I hope this post doesn’t offend them. This was my experience. I’m sure they DO NOT intend to make anyone feel vulnerable, alone and lost. They teach – and they do it well, it’s just that when the classroom door closes, they’re gone. Bob commented on the blog a few days ago and introduced himself at lunch on Sunday. He asked how I was enjoying it. I let him know that the class was great. It is. The class was awesome. I didn’t feel comfortable telling him “but the rest of the environment makes me feel WAY out of my comfort zone”. It wasn’t a conversation I was comfortable having at that time. I was still jarred. I was still rattling around inside. Later when I was in the machine shop and covered in saw dust with about a pound of wood stuffed up my nose some cute guy (I’m engaged but I can still look!!) leaned over the barricade/loft wall and yelled “hey, where’s the Upstate blog person!?!?” I pretended to not hear. He said it again - louder. Carp. I raised my hand. “Yeah, that’s me” in a half whisper. I’m shy-ish and after the previous night my walls were completely UP! UP! UP! I mentally said to myself, “I don’t usually look like this”. I was AFRAID to shower this morning. After a night of feeling completely vulnerable, getting naked and showering wasn’t high on my list of priorities. I went to class all skanky and tossed a hat on my greasy hair. We had a 2.5 second conversation at which point I fled as soon as I could. I was past the point of friendly introductions and chit chat. I needed friendly introductory chit chat when I arrived…before I carried luggage through a snow bank and down the stairs in the dark to the basement/first floor dorm rooms. Which reminds me, we called a few times to confirm that someone would be there to meet me when I arrived – no one was there – just an envelope with a key and a map taped to a door.

I know the descriptions/events in this post are weighted on the negative side. I had a lot of negative experiences here. But, I’m hopeful these are all just growing pains. This place has so much possibility. It could be AMAZING. It just needs nightlights (with the exception of Sunday night, the hallways were always dark and I had to fumble to find my room or when leaving my room) and A LOT more orientation/information for new students with some group/ice-breaker activities outside of the classroom.

Will I be back? Yes – but I’ll be better armed because I have SOME information NOW that I needed before the great Earth Hour blackout/freakout of 2008.

If you’re planning to go to Yestermorrow, here’s my list of items I would have packed…had I known…and some things I wish I had known…

1. bring a flashlight, keep it with you at ALL times. The lights are often off and it’s hard to find the light switches.
2. bring a car or a bike, wheels of some sort. Don’t be stranded.
3. bring a calling card – cellphones/blackberries do NOT work.
4. the wifi connection is sporadic, don’t plan on getting online. There are computers upstairs in a conference room – you can go in there.
5. bring a can of soup (in case you don’t like the dish that’s prepared for dinner).
6. bring a can of tuna fish (again, see number 4) or some other shelf-stable item.
7. definitely bring a laptop and a LOT of dvd’s. There’s a lot of downtime. (I did bring my laptop). Other than the library (which is super, by the way) there’s a ping pong table and a community tv. That table/tv gets old fast. If you want to study in the library – know that the ping pong table is 5 feet away and will break your concentration.
8. hba items – bring anything you think you might possibly need. EVERYTHING.
9. Towels, sheets, a pillow and a wool blanket are provided. It get's very cold at night so if you can, bring a sleeping bag or an extra sweatshirt to sleep in. If you're allergic to wool (many people are) then definitely bring a sleeping bag.

You’ll probably see a flurry of articles about Yestermorrow soon, there were 3 writers that I knew of there this weekend.

If you're a woman and you want to learn how to use powertools I can't suggest Patti & Jan's class at Yestermorrow enough. They completely rock. I don't fear big saws anymore. I respect them, but I don't fear them. I'd bring a friend if you're staying on campus. Don't do it alone - or you'll go batschidt too. Speak up (if you can) and demand information. My shyness was paralyzing in this environment and that's my fault.

Blogger-Versary Poem Contest Winner Revealed...

Who Won The ILU One Year Blogger-Versary Poem Contest!?!?

Well, these 3 poems floated to the top for me...

Green Fairy’s poem:

Schidt, LOVE!
Upstate Mom fights stormy Jean.
Where is the freakin' Fiance?
Why does the Fiance endure?
Tal remains silent.

Was my absolute favorite. But, she didn’t write it. She put words into a poem generator. I struggled with whether this should disqualify her or not. I’m still not sure what the proper answer should be – but since no one complained that she used a generator in the comments, I’m letting it stay in.

Ege/Erin’s poem was worthy of a big glass of red wine. That’s truly poem/art development commitment there folks:

Jean’s shout-out for verses written in her honor
Put the screws to my muse (who I thought was a-goner)
I used to poeticize all of the time
But I got distracted by One Friend of mine
Now that I’m reminded how I like to wax,
I think Upstate New York’s a grand place for comebacks.
What with its tortoiseshell cats and fiancés,
And Upstate Mom – who’s much more couth than Beyoncé’s.
Upstate M., for eg., doesn’t roll in lamé
If she did, ILU would not deem it okay.
Especially for one of her dear Chesterfields
Those things only merit the best baby seals.
I’m kidding! I kid! Jean ain’t like that at all
(She gets plenty of fur cleaning up after Tal).
What have I left out? There’s something I’ve forgotten…
The Mystery Rock Star! Was it Johnny Rotten?
That would be disgusting, and that wasn’t it –
There’s some other reason I started this schidt.
Oh! Now I remember! Something about Thursday!
March 27th is ILU’s birthday!
Well, not hers, but her blog’s – it’s been here a whole year –
So let’s all raise our beers and let her hear our cheer:
Are you ready? Okay. Let’s make hip-hip-hooray! is one year old today!

And finally Skyesmom’s poem was hysterically funny and included Jimmy The Midget:

ILU’s blog – what can I say?
Reading it’s the highlight of my day.
Jimmy the Midget, Mom and Matt,
I really love Trevor and Tal the cat.
The Fiancé, furniture and a fix-it how to,
You can find them all on ILU!
A Blog-Day poem she has requested,
The creativity of her readers, she has tested.
So here we are, doing our bit
To say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and all that Schidt!

I went back and forth and I couldn't easily decide between these three. It was killin’ me!

So you know what I did? I put those 3 names in a HAT. And I pulled one out…and let fate decide...GREEN FAIRY!

Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone who entered. I loved each and every one of them and can't thank you enough.

Now, about that MVC (Most Valuable Commentator) person or persons. I wanted to thank Shelly and Priscilla who constantly find information for me whenever I have some half-cocked-hair-brained idea. So you two get to pick a one-year subscription to one of the following:

House Beautiful
Country Living
Town & Country

Hey, maybe this year I'll figure out how properly monetize the google ads! Hah!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Auntie Mame Decor/Interiors...

More Auntie Mame Mid-Century Madness...and then the final decor transition...India.

Auntie Mame, I miss you already.

That second slide should read "NOW married" not "NOT married". Leave it to a literary agent to run willy nilly with the typos. Hey, I'm NOT an editor!

I finished my bench. It's all wrapped up in cardboard and ready to hit the train with me tomorrow morning. I'll try and do my whole Yestermorrow blog/post/review on the train tomorrow...if I don't get sidetracked by season one & two of Northern Exposure. Come on, how could I NOT bring that boxed set with me? It's even boxed up in an orange puffy vest. Slap some tevas on those dvd's and it'd fit right in.

Half Way Thru Day 2 At Tool Camp - Auntie Mame Part 3....

Half way through day 2. Things are MUCH better in the daylight. Last night was, stressful.

My bench is all cut up, I've been using a big ole router to make rounded edges and I've fallen hard for the orbital sander. I feel we have a connection that my old square one just doesn't meet up to. The orbital is my friend, it's orb-like. Squares are so...square. Hah! I'm bitch with a chisel too - call me if you need dental work done third-world style.

Back to the fabulous-ness of Auntie Mame...Beau plummets off an alp (and yodels all the way down) and Mame is knee-deep in writing her memoir. Patrick decides he's in love with a debutante-wannabe from Connecticut.

Tonight (if I can get an internet connection...) I'll finish up Mame's mid-century madnes and the last decor change to her Beekman Place apartment...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tool Camp Day One - And The Return of Auntie Mame

I just finished day one at Yestermorrow. I thought I'd do a really brief overview and then a bigger more all-encompassing post late next week.

If you have a migraine, noisy tools will make for a rough day. I took some tylenol around 8am and that helped for a few hours. Around 3pm I started to go downhill again. I hate when you get sidelined by something as ridiculous as a headache when something more important/timely is happening. Que sera sera. I made do. I'm still sanding.

I sawed-dededed a lot today.

1. Miter/Chop saw - love it. I bought one a year or so ago on sale at Lowes and it's been sitting in that the box...mocking me. Hah. I shall best that beast. This machine is not nearly as intimidating as it looks.

2. Table saw - This seemed to be the one item that gave everyone the most concern. It really is a cringe-worthy piece of equipment. Still, we all got through it with the aide of our trusty leaders Patti & Jan. Everyone still has all their fingers.

3. Jigsaw - I use a jigsaw a lot at home...particularly for things it's not really meant to be used for. It's small & compact (like a New York City apartment...) so it's been my "go to" tool for cutting. Anyhoo, we're making a bench and I had to redo my jigsaw cuts 3 times. I finally opted to go for...

4. The Band Saw - Since I used to manage bands "back in the day" this was obviously going to be the saw that I had the most harmonious relationship with. So many puns, so little time. I puffy heart the band saw...oh yes I do!

If you're looking for healthy food...they've got plenty here. Next time I might smuggle in a box of candy bars, a stick of pepperoni and a bottle of wine. All this healthy air and food is freaking my system out.

More let's return to the oh-so-fabulous Auntie Mame...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Auntie Mame Lands At Tool Camp!

I have a roommate in my dorm room here at Yestermorrow but haven't met her yet. She got the single bed so I ended up with the bottom bunk. Oh well, she got here first so she gets dibs. There is soooooo much snow that it comes up to more than half way up the window. Will take pics tomorrow. The place looks pretty cool - even in the dark. And there's...WIRELESS. Hurrah! Anyway...I haven't actually SEEN anyone which leads me to believe that they've all gone out drinking. Damn. I could use a beer.

During my 10 hour train ride (boring...) not only did I eat too much junk food, but I watched Auntie Mame 2.5 times. I brought 8-10 dvd's with me (and my laptop at the last minute) but I love Auntie's one of my all-time favorites. I aspire to be Rosalind Russell's Auntie Mame. I should check in with my niece Sarah to see if I'm living up to my idol. Anyhoo, I did a whole long review of the MANY DECOR changes that take place in that movie. It's 18+ slides. Here's the first couple...I'll try and put up a few each day. The sets are amazing!!! Rock on Auntie Mame!!!

If you've never seen Auntie Mame...I highly recommend it!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blogger-Versary Today! Off To Tool Camp In Da Mornin'!

Today is my Blogger-Versary.
Where are my damn flowers?!?!

I leave for Tool Camp tomorrow morning. I should pack some snacks and clean undies.

Am not bringing my laptop with me but will bring my camera and phone. Maybe I'll finally figure out that whole "mobile blog" thing. Or not. I'll have my blackberry with me too so any comments posted on my blog will forward over to my blackberry - but I won't be able to respond to them till I return. Also, not sure my blackberry will even get reception up there. Big Adventure!

In case you want to know more about is their mission statement and some pictures from their website:

The Yestermorrow Design/Build School
Mission Yestermorrow Design/Build School inspires people to create a better, more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that integrates design and craft as a creative, interactive process.

Philosophy Yestermorrow’s courses are specifically designed to demystify the designing and building processes using hands-on, experiential learning to teach students the art and wisdom of good design and the skill and savvy of enduring craftsmanship as a single, integrated process.
This creative process offers students unique insight into the oftentimes disparate worlds of the architect and the builder. Architects are routinely trained without any building experience that might inform their designs, and builders are trained to execute without a sense of the overarching purpose or design of the project.

View current course listings.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution. Yestermorrow does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color or creed.